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Septic Systems

Sanitary Pumping Services

New Septic Installations, Repairs and Upgrades

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading the system at your existing home, Bolduc Sanitation & Excavation can help! We will provide you with a free estimate for the total cost. For your convenience, we can provide complete pricing including the engineering, perc tests and permits to the finished loam and seed. Or we will price according to the engineering plans you may have already have purchased separately. We do the all the paperwork, to be sure the final town inspection goes without a hitch. You can rely on us to provide top notch service and quick turn around, so you wont have to worry about a thing. Once we start the job, the entire process generally takes 3-5 days on site depending on the size of the installation. Service disruption to you may only be a matter of a few hours if at all. Our professional installers work quickly and efficiently to get your project done.

Regular Maintenance

Substances that may clog your filter and cause a need for pumping more often are: cooking oil, grease, powdered detergents and remnants from garbage disposals and grinders.The recommended time frame that you should schedule your sanitary pumping is at least every two years. Routine pumping maintains and prolongs the life of your septic system, by taking the solids out of the tank which prevents them from flowing into the leaching area. Why is this important? Solids entering the leaching area will clog the pipes and cause back ups and costly repairs.

Systems with Zabel filters including all recently updated or installed, should be on a yearly routine maintenance schedule. It is recommended to clean the filter at the time of your scheduled pump. The filter prevents septic solids from flowing into the leaching area. This is an important feature because it prolongs the life of the leaching field. The filter will become clogged as it does its job which can cause the tank to overflow, if not routinely maintained. A yearly schedule should prevent any back ups.

Emergency Service

At Bolduc Sanitation & Excavation, Inc., we are available 24 hours a day, if emergency services are needed. Should you have an urgent situation, you can be assured our on-call technician will be able to meet your needs after regular hours. We employ an answering service so we will never miss your call.

Title V Inspections

Selling your home or making upgrades that require a Title V inspection? Our licensed and certified inspector will make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Call for an appointment and we’ll explain the details.  Title V does require digging of all system covers. You may choose to do this your self and save the labor and machinery cost; or for an added charge, we will take care of the locating and digging which sometimes can be extensive.   The covers that need to be dug are: the inlet and outlet covers on the tank, a distribution (dbox) cover and leaching pit cover if there is one. Instead of a leaching pit, newer systems built after 1995 may have leaching chambers or a leach field. A chamber system (also known as galleys or infiltrators) need one cover exposed of the chamber. If your system has a leach field, one area must be dug to the stone surrounding the field for inspection. You need to have your septic As-Built plan available for the inspector. The plan can be obtained at your local board of health office for a nominal fee.

Here’s a helpful homeowners guide to septic systems from the EPA.

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